Newquay AFC Youth

Newquay Association Football Club (AFC) Youth.

Newquay Association Football Club (AFC) Youth provides high-quality, safe and enjoyable football for children aged 3-18. Run by a group of volunteers, Newquay AFC Youth offers a range of opportunities for kids to play and progress in a fun environment, including a Saturday morning mini-club, development centre, goalkeeper training and squad practice.

Other than the fact it’s great fun, there are so many other reasons to play Newquay youth football, including:

  • Confidence – this is gained from feeling like an important part of your football team, as well as the chance to be appreciated by other team members.
  • Good communication skills – vital for a football team to work well together.
  • Resolving conflict – again, possessing this skill is important for a football team to work well together.
  • Acceptance – of other ideas and personalities to work together as a whole.
  • Life skills – because working as a football team is often important throughout our lives.
  • Improved leadership skills – both from learning from team leaders and becoming one yourself.
  • Respect for authority – because every team needs a leader and one who will be respected.
  • Enhance self-discipline and resilience – something which is vital when playing as a team and not just as an individual.
  • Special skills – each team player will have their own to complement the team.
  • Make friends for life – both on and off the football field.
  • Learn to put personal differences aside for the greater good.

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