Mini Club

Newquay AFC Youth Football Club Mini’s is a fun and educational way to introduce your child to football. They will enjoy learning skills, taking part in mini-matches and playing fun games, all using the latest equipment.

The training is designed and developed to provide a programme of training to incorporate pre-school children, progressing to the older age groups. The aim is to build co-ordination, technique, strength and Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) as well as football skill sets. Children will enjoy being part of a strong team environment, enhancing their self-esteem and boosting their personal sense of achievement.

Mini’s is open to any child who wants to take part. Each week this concludes with a small presentation to children, of a medal for any new attendees, and a coach’s Player of the Week trophy. We ask for trophies to be returned the following week.

Every Saturday at Tretherras School Astro Pitch
9.00am – 9.45am Minis 3-6 Year olds (Presentation) £4 per session
10.00am – 10.45am Mints 7-12 Year olds (Presentation) £5 per session

Notes: Please check the Newquay AFC Youth Facebook page for last-minute cancellations due to weather

Equipment and clothing

All football equipment at the venue is provided. All players must wear suitable clothing to participate. We fully understand that kitting your child out with all the latest gear can be very expensive, so all we ask, is that they have correct footwear (astro turf or 3G suitable boots), and a pair of shin pads are a must. Comfortable sports clothing for playing in is adequate.



Payment, in the form of subscriptions, is due every week, prices above. Please check in on the gate when you arrive with your child to ensure we have an accurate list of children in attendance.

Needless to say, the group is run by volunteers and all monies received by the Club are used to update equipment which your children will enjoy using.

Parents Responsibilities

It is obligatory for a parent or guardian to stay with your children whilst they are attending the Mini’s sessions. The designated parent or guardian must at all times be available to take charge of their children under their care. There may be circumstances of illness, injury or inclement weather where the adults may need to be available to look after their child. Children MUST NOT be dropped off at the training facility and left alone.



There will be refreshments available tea/coffee etc for spectators. Come along and have a great start to the weekend.



Parking is available free of charge.

For more information, please visit our FAQs page or email [email protected]

Please make sure all players have the correct football clothing, shin pads, drink bottles and footwear to avoid embarrassment on the morning.

There will be refreshments available tea/coffee etc for spectators.
Dogs are also not allowed on the grounds of the school or astro area.
Thanks for your continual support.