Newquay AFC Youth is proud to support football teams from U7 to U18. We appreciate that if children have a keen interest and love for a specific sport from a young age, they will tend to follow in this sport and keep fit as they grow up. We aim to make football as fun, active, educational, and effective to all the children, so when they eventually leave us they will want to continue their interest in sport into their adult years.

Our coaches have all completed their FA Level 1 in Coaching Football (or are working towards them), which includes an understanding of player long-term development, helping construct appropriate practices and sessions and practical coaching ideas, providing the ability to recognise various ingredients to help make up safe and engaging practices.

New Players

We welcome new players at any age, of any ability, and at any time within the season, subject to squad availability. If your child is interested in joining a squad, please contact the coach directly using the details below and they will be happy to help you.

New Coaches

If you would like to find out more about becoming a coach, please speak to Martin or email [email protected].

Teams are selected to play within the local leagues and regular matches take place during the season.

 Team  School Year  Coach  Contact
 U7  2 Andy McIntosh
Joshua Old
[email protected]
 U8  3 Richard Martyn
Brian Johnston
07496 516 824
 U9  4 Chris Schofield
Nick Datlen
[email protected]
 U10  5 Darren Richards
Jason Hawkey
Seb Bacon
[email protected]
 U10 Spartak Nqy  5 Jamie Murden
John Brierley
[email protected]
 5 Louise Crawford
Tony Hannaford
[email protected]
Mini Mints
 6 Anders Siggery
Ant Matthews
[email protected]
All Stars
 6 Gregg Hooper [email protected]
 U12  7 Greg Toms
Jake Hartigan
[email protected]
 U13 Raiders  8 Gary Lewis
Ian Tickner
[email protected]
 U14 Town  9 Craig Ainslie
Louise Crawford
[email protected]
 U15 Galaxy 9 Jamie Callister
Adam Simpson
[email protected]
 U15 Mints 10 Shaun Middleton
Ali Johnson
[email protected]
 U16 Rangers 11 John Woolfitt
Leon Holland
U17 United  12 Greg Toms
Dan Templeton
[email protected]

Payment, in the form of membership subscriptions, is due annually. The price for the 2023-24 year is £140 per child (£100 for additional siblings). The club is run entirely by volunteer coaches and committee members but these charges go towards equipment purchases, venue hire, insurance and general upkeep and maintenance.


Registration forms are required to be completed each year, for new and existing players. Please click here to complete the form.

Equipment and clothing

All football equipment at the venue is provided. All players must wear suitable sports clothing to participate in training and Newquay AFC Youth team kit for matches. Correct footwear, and a pair of shin pads are a must. Optional training kit can be purchased via Macron Stores