Development Centre

Development Centre

The aim of the Newquay AFC Youth Development centre is to produce players capable of playing various styles and formats. A key pillar of our philosophy is to teach our players different approaches to the game so they are adaptable, versatile and capable of performing anywhere.

Newquay AFC Youth DC is designed to offer young players the opportunity to further their abilities and general understanding of the game. We encourage players to continue playing and training with their current teams alongside the Development Centre.

A principal objective is to create a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment suitable to each individual child. The long-term development aims to create technical, physical, mental, social and lifestyle skills, a strong infrastructure set out by the FA DNA. The sessions will be challenging, enjoyable and themed.

Martin Burnell, Newquay AFC Youth Chairman
UEFA B/ Youth Level 3/Level 2 Goalkeeper Licensed Coach

Saturdays 11am – 12.00noon
Age: 10+
Newquay Tretherras School Astro
Cost £5

Please note, there are no restrictions as to ability, just turn up and learn. Please make sure children have the correct clothing and fluid.

To find out more, please contact Martin Burnell on 07944 809980. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for up-to-date times and locations.