Our Committee

Newquay AFC Youth is run by a group of volunteer committee members.

The committee members are responsible for ensuring Newquay AFC Youth maintains and achieves its goals and objectives to assist the development of the Club. Committee members take part in all aspects of running the Club, alongside attending regular meetings.

If you would be interested in joining the committee, please contact Martin Burnell (Chairman) on 07944 809980.

Committee Members
Name Roles and Responsibilities
Martin Burnell Chairman
Lewis Saundry Secretary
Alan Lenton Welfare Officer
Anthony Matthews Fixtures Secretary
Craig Ainslie Treasurer
Gillian Treweek Member / Head Bacon Lady
Hayley Siggery Equipment Officer / Member
Anna Staevska Member
Carla Lamb Member


Committee Members
Martin Burnell
Craig Ainslie
Alan Lenton
Welfare Officer