Newquay U9 vs Bodmin U9

22 Oct

Newquay start off well with a few early chances, 7th minute of the game Jessie whips in a brilliant corner and Alfie scored a tap in at the end.

Within 12 minutes Bodmin swung in a brilliant corner it was well defended, Jessie ran out with the ball on the break and did a brilliant chip through ball into Samson, unluckily he missed. After from playing out from the back, Charlie skilled out a few players to put it into the back of the net with his weaker right foot. Minutes afterwards, Bodmin scored, Logan was unable to see the ball as there were many players in the way of logan’s sight. Pretty much straight afterwards, a high ball was swung in and the Bodmin player was able to get on the end of it.

Half time

Straight after the second half started Jessie plays in a good through ball into Samson and he plays it into the bottom right corner.
Newquay are playing really good football and are having many brilliant chances, just unlucky that we haven’t been able to put more away.
Arthur takes a brilliant free kick and we were very unlucky not to get on the end of that, however minutes afterwards, Samson runs through everyone and whacks it into the bottom corner.

Jessie makes a brilliant run down the wing and takes a long shot for it to go bottom left. In the last quarter, Logan and Samson swap, Logan had a brilliant game in goal with some important saves. Bodmin plays fantastic football only for Samson to make an awesome high diving save. From a goal kick, Samson plays it to Charlie on the wing and he ran all the way down the wing and squared it into Jessie for him to tap it in. The defence have been awesome all round so well done Jamie, Arthur and Freddie at the back.

Both teams played very well and the teamwork they used was brilliant.

Words by Sonny Toms. Photos by Milo Toms