Meet Martin Burnell

22 Oct

Full name: Martin John Burnell

Nickname: Burnelli

What’s the best thing about coaching youth football?

The engagement and development of technical, physical, social and psychological corners and having the opportunity to impart knowledge and lifelong learning in a football environment to our young players.

What are your aspirations for all teams? 

For them to enjoy their experiences, have fun and feel safe in all aspects of the club whilst being involved with a team.

Which professional team do you support? 

There is only one EVERTON

Favourite football player?

Alan Ball, EVERTON Watched him play in the 1966 World Cup Final and his work rate, tenacity and willingness to win was truly inspirational and he was an Everton player

Which coach do you model yourself on? 

Keith Christie (RIP) Royal Air Force

Keith was a truly inspirational coach who was the Head Coach for the RAF Representative Team for many years. His attention to detail and coaching manner was brilliant.

What’s your best quality? 

Enthusiasm and having a positive attitude to player development and I like to think I am not too bad at organisation and leadership

Favourite animal?

Dogs, I have two Cocker Spaniel, Unconditional love (Not like my wife)

Do you have an inspirational football quote you want to share? 

“The 3 V’s “Vim, Vigour and Vitality” will get you through any football situation”

Burnelli 2020