Craig Ainslie Coach

22 Oct

Full Name: Craig Ainslie

What’s the best thing about coaching youth football?

Contributing to the development of young people in my local community. Football is a fantastic way to develop so many core skills like teamwork, confidence and leadership. It’s a two-way process and my team have taught me a lot about myself as a coach as well.

What are your aspirations for your team? 

Statistically, the FA recognise that most young players, for a variety of reasons, are no longer involved in football by adulthood. I’d love for all my players to still be involved in the game later in life at any level. Ultimately, I want football to have been a positive and memorable part of their childhood.

Which professional team do you support? 

Sheffield United

Which coach do you model yourself on? 

I don’t model myself on him but Pete Sturgess (National FA Lead Coach for Foundation Phase) has been inspiring as a new coach. His work on the FA Four-Corner model and “England DNA” form the basis of most of my own coaching philosophy and values.